Cruclar Reminders
Crucial Reminders
Assistance for you to run your daily life smooth
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Crucial Reminders is assistance of your daily life and help you to manage your day & long time goal You can set your all reminders as per needs.

  • Daily Reminders: Help you to manage your daily personal activities
  • Tasks To Do: Manage your day efficiently without missing any single tasks
  • Birthday Reminders: Never miss to wish your loved one
  • Billing Reminders: Never miss to pay your bill & save money for not paying any extra fees or charges
  • Shopping Reminders: Don't need to confuse or remind while you are at shopping. Everything is ready in shopping list.
  • Location Reminders: You just need to set location on Map while adding reminders & we will remind you when you reach there. Never miss your any task when you reach at physical location where you need to complete your task.
Dashboard Screen

Summary of your Important Tasks & Reminders

  • Today birthdays & next upcoming 5 birthdays
  • Show how many tasks are due for today with priority information
  • Due bills for today and next upcoming 5 bills
  • Show top 5 shopping lists so you can be aware of it
Daily Reminders
  • Daily Reminders help you to remind your daily activities to perform without miss such as consume medicines, sending daily report, etc.
  • It will remind you every day or on specific day chosen at the time of creation
  • Just speak your activity with tapping on microphone icon & will get typed for you.
  • Create & assign category to manage your daily reminders
  • You can create Recurring Reminders with tapping on Repeat with setting up other inputs as per your needs Like Repeat Weekdays, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly
Tasks To Do
  • You can manage your Day Tasks using Tasks To Do
  • Add New Task with simply tapping on '+' icon
  • Specify date & time for the tasks on which its need to execute
  • Add & Set category on same screen to manage any number of your tasks
  • You can set Recurring tasks which needed at any time on any day
Birthday Reminders
  • Never miss to wish your loved one on time with Birthday Reminders
  • Simply add once and never miss any event
  • Create categories to Manage events, If you would like to add Anniversary then just create category then assign to event so you will be notified with category name.
Shopping Reminders
  • It will save your lot of time while at shopping if you have list ready !
  • Add individual Shopping list as per your visit & then add items into it so you will not miss any item
  • You can set Reminders as per your shopping plan so never run out with your stuff.
Location Reminders
  • This is real time reminder helps you when you reach at the place which you have set with reminder
  • You can simply add reminder and add pin on map then rest all app will do to assist you on time
  • If you are visiting one place and on the way your one of best friend wants to meet then simply just tap on map about his location so when you will reach there, Location reminder will remind you with the customized texts you have entered. By this way you can never forget.